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Founded in 2012 by celebrity makeup artist April Hill herself, April Hill Artistry has had a growing presence in the world of cosmetology and continues to flood Instagram pages with it’s multifaceted brand. AHA has always been grounded on the basis of empowering women of all colors, and teaching them how to enhance their natural beauty and attributes with just a touch of creativity. Hill launched her first product line in 2017, Alel Beauty LLC which introduced luxury mink eyelashes.  Her product became a success almost overnight as Hill received rave reviews about the quality and authenticity of the lashes.  As her AH Artistry makeup business and eyelash brand began to expand, Hill gravitated towards a new market which hit home.  Hill lost her mother to cancer years ago causing her to lose all of her hair due to the extensive radiation therapy.  It was a devastating period as she watched her mother change before her very own eyes. Hill used her natural talent for hair and makeup to bring back the self confidence she always saw in her mother before her diagnosis.  The one memory which stuck with Hill was the smile on her mother’s face when she looked in the mirror after she styled her. Nine years later, Hill’s passion for rebuilding women has only grown deeper.  The effects of permanent hair loss can be emotionally and mentally overwhelming to one’s self esteem.  Hill became aware of this early on and encounters this more often today with many of her clients being cancer survivors, who come to her for their cranial prosthesis (custom) hair wigs. 

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